On the Journey With…Caroline

This week I’m interviewing Caroline from In Due Time. I’ve been so blessed by Caroline’s faith and her trust in God’s sovereignty. Her story is unique in that she and her husband, Colby, have decided not to pursue treatment now, and instead have changed their lifestyle and are trusting God for healing. Enjoy her interview!


Q.  Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Caroline and I blog over at In Due Time. I’m an Okie at heart, but after graduating from Baylor, moved to Dallas where I met my husband. We reside in Dallas, but love to travel every chance we can get. I’m a financial analyst by day, but keep busy at night with bible studies and small groups, hanging out with friends, working out and spending time with Colby!

Q.  What infertility struggles are you facing?

We deal with both male and female factor. I was diagnosed with low progesterone, low thyroid, high prolactin, high fsh and a tumor on my pituitary gland. Colby was diagnosed with azoospermia. We are trusting that we are healed from all of this by our Lord and are believing for a baby the all natural way!

Q.  You’ve chosen not to pursue treatment at this time. What led to that decision and how have people around you responded?

The doctor suggested I get further tests completed and told Colby to try medicine and/or have surgery. He wanted us to proceed with IVF with ICSI. We really didn’t have a peace about it. We believe that nothing is impossible with God. While at the doctor, Colby received a call from his employer (which we knew was coming, but didn’t know when) telling him he was going to start training for a new position in Georgia. He would be leaving in a month for a 6-month training program. This was just God’s way of telling us to wait and confirm that we weren’t supposed to proceed with treatments. Once he moved back, we still believed for natural conception, but it was taken to a whole new level after we started going to a new church (because of meeting my airport angel) and reading God’s Plan for Pregnancy.

How have people responded? Most people probably think we are crazy, but we are ok with that. Clearly ‘normal’ isn’t working in this world and isn’t working in the fertility world either. We don’t mind being called crazy, because we are confident that crazy works in God’s world. Believers in Christ who understand that we are made to be fruitful and multiply and that we are already Healed by what Jesus did on the cross, are of course in total agreement and waiting expectantly with us and for us.


Q.  Can you share some of the lifestyle changes you’ve made since your decision not to pursue treatment?

When Colby moved back from Georgia this past January, we did a lifestyle overhaul. We cut out all refined sugar, gluten, aspartame, caffeine and alcohol. We also pursued acupuncture and loved it! We still continue to eat healthy, but we are no longer pursuing acupuncture.

Q.  What has been your lowest point and how did you survive it?

The day I got a phone call from the doctor about my tumor and Colby’s sperm analysis. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Tears quickly turned into peace, hope, and joy after Colby and I had a chance to pray and read God’s word together.

Q.  You are one of the few fertility bloggers I’m aware of who doesn’t shy away from hosting or participating in baby showers.  Can you elaborate a little on how you do that so joyfully?

Yes!!! Babies are such a gift!!! I love them and clearly that is why I want them. It’s a joy to celebrate each life that the Lord has created. I can do it with joy because the more I seek the Lord the more He blesses me with joy and a peace that surpasses all understanding. He wants us to celebrate life! He created it! I want to be a part of every celebration. My advice to anyone who is struggling with that is three things 1- Jealousy, envy etc are never from the Lord. It’s always an attack from the enemy. Rebuke the enemy from your thoughts and begin to walk in true peace and joy with the Lord. 2 – The Lord wants us to focus on the life that He is creating, not the death that the enemy is stealing. Rejoice in the good, don’t focus and blame Him for the bad. 3 – Think about the minute you take a test and it’s positive, then all of a sudden it’s ok to be around babies everywhere you go? Just because of a pregnancy test? Our life shouldn’t be based on our circumstances, but the Lord’s love all around us. Don’t let your current circumstances of not being a mom (yet) ruin celebrating with others who are moms to be! I know when it’s our turn our babies will be celebrated at showers, so why would it make sense to not celebrate others now?

Q.  Is there anything else you’d like to share with my readers?

God wants each and every person to conceive. It’s one of the first commands in the Bible. He created it and He desires it just as much as you do. If you are a follower of Christ and have that desire, but are dealing with infertility, I encourage you to spend time with Him and His word. Remember that when we seek Him, He gives us the desires of our hearts and His word trumps every doctors appointment, test result, and circumstance around you. I encourage you to walk by faith and not by sight. Seek Him and in due time He will bless you with life. He wants you to be healed and His word promises that He makes every barren women a joyful mother of children. Trust His word. Have faith even when it doesn’t seem easy. While you wait, enjoy the time you have now, with your husband and with the Lord. Share your story with others. Ask for prayer. Attend healing services if you can. Share your testimony. I’m very passionate about the topic of infertility and encouraging others on their journeys to becoming moms, so feel free to contact me with any questions!


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  • I love Caroline!! Her confidence in the Lord is such an encouragement. Thanks for featuring her!

  • That’s my twiny!! I will never forget the day I found her blog and thought…”Were we separated at birth?!” lol!! Thanks for featuring her 🙂


  • Love your out look Caroline! You have been so helpful in helping me with my faith and even more so with my outlook on baby showers and babies. Its become easier and easier with each announcement and each shower- and while it still stings some I can honestly say I am able to embrace each new life with joy, becasue your out look has helped me to do so.

  • I love Caroline, she is such an inspiration to me! I am just amazed by her strong faith and am encouraged daily to seek God in all circumstances and he will lead me 🙂

  • I also love Caroline. She is such an inspiration and blessing to all who are struggling…or waiting on the Lord. Trust in Him to deliver you, and in the meantime be a blessing to others who need God’s love. This is Caroline. May God Bless her and Colby. So glad to “know” her.

  • Beautiful woman, inside and out. And I admire her ability to be able to attend and ENJOY baby showers. You’re amazing, Caroline.

  • Again you inspire me more and more everyday. Thank you for sharing you beautiful heart and your story. I love your faith in GOD – not only because its so strong but because I know he’s so worthy.

  • Hi from ICLW. I’m almost 9 weeks pregnant and still I have fear that I’ll lose this baby. I need to put more of my trust in God. HE wants us to have children.

  • I’m so glad you all enjoyed the interview with Caroline. She is such an encouragement!

  • I loved reading more about Caroline! She had such great words of advice! She’s a very admirable woman! Thanks for sharing her story! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I admire you! Reading your words gave me so much peace! You are a great example of how Christ followers should be. Thank you s much for sharing your journey. I love following your blog for encouragement. You have no idea how much it helps me through my infertility struggles. Ps I share a name with you 🙂 Best wishes, Caroline K.

  • Hello! I just found you through the link-up, and I wanted to write to tell you how blessed I was by Caroline’s story. We were married in June of 1988, and we thought the next natural step would be to have the baby we both so longed to have. After trying unsuccessfully for a number of years, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian disease, and I was given very little hope of ever conceiving a child. My progesterone level was nearly non-existent. There were other problems, but to try to shorten this very long story (LOL!), we gave it ALL to God. We opted NOT to do anything at all, medically, and we consecrated it, along with everything else about our lives to God’s will for us. After waiting for no less than 12 1/2 long years, God sent us the sweetest Christmas gift in December 2000…a precious, completely healthy baby boy! I went in to labor on Christmas Day, and he was born the next morning!! We have now been married for 25 1/2 years, and our sweet boy is almost 13. GOD IS FAITHFUL. HIS WAY IS BEST. There is NOTHING too hard for Him. He temporarily opened my womb for the sole purpose of blessing us with this dear child. I tell him often that when God opened a barren woman’s womb in the Bible and gave her a son, He always had a very special purpose and intent for that boy’s life. I want to encourage any infertile woman (or man) reading this to continue to trust in God and His power and His amazing ability to make the impossible possible. He is still opening barren wombs and filling empty arms!! We are living proof. God bless you for sharing this today, and may He grant you the desires of your heart!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story, Cheryl. I know that Caroline’s story has blessed so many people, and I’m glad it touched you, too. What an amazing story you have, and I know that your story will bless anyone who reads it here, too.

  • Rach

    I also love Caroline and gather so much strength from her posts!

  • Danielle

    Thank you for these stories. God will be glorified through it all. I too am trying to conceive. I have a 2 year old daughter but we have been leaving it all in God’s hands for another since she was 6 months old. Apparently 2nd time infertility can be common. I don’t quite understand it all yet and have 2 appointments coming up. .. one with a Christian naturopath and one with an OB/GYN.I know we will find some kind of answers with God’s help and grace. Thank you for your encouragement and I will be praying for you.

    • Lisa Newton

      Thank you for the prayers, Danielle. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re experiencing secondary infertility, but I’m glad that you’ll be seeing some doctors soon. Let me also encourage you to consider seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. Best wishes!