IVF Follow-Up

On Tuesday we met with our RE to discuss our next steps and what happened with the chemical pregnancy we had after our first round of IVF.

Chemical Pregnancy

Our RE repeated what we already knew about chemical pregnancies:

  • They’re usually due to an abnormality in the embryo, and it’s a pregnancy issue (not an IVF / infertility issue).
  • They’re quite common with natural cycles, but women don’t usually realize they’re even pregnant, let alone having a miscarriage.
  • In my case, we should consider it a positive thing that we know IVF can work for us (meaning, I got pregnant), even if the pregnancy didn’t last long the first try.

Basically, we just have to keep trying with IVF.  There’s no reason yet to think that IVF won’t work for us eventually.  The “eventually” part is the tough part.  It’s not like we have unlimited funds to keep trying.  The good news is that I’m still relatively young and time is still on my side.

Next Steps

We only had one embryo make it to freeze, so we thought we would just go straight ahead to another fresh cycle and try to get more embryos.  We didn’t think a single embryo would give us good enough odds for a frozen cycle.

However, the more we talked with the RE about the quality of the one embryo we have (it’s decent, but not great), the more we realized that a frozen cycle might be the best thing for us now. Even though the frozen embryo is of so-so quality, the fact that it made it to freeze (5-day+) means it was of better quality than the fresh 3-day embryos we used in our fresh cycle. Given my age, it would be perfectly reasonable to do a frozen transfer with only one embryo.  Not only do I have a great chance of pregnancy, but it also reduces the risk of multiples.

Also, the costs of meds for a frozen cycle will be significantly less than another fresh cycle right now.  If we end up having to do another fresh, we’ll have more time to save for it.

Finally, we were lucky that our last fresh cycle coincided with my 10-day Spring Break.  I didn’t have to take any time off work.  Doing another fresh cycle in May would definitely mean time off from work.  If we end up needing a 2nd fresh cycle, I’d do it in July when I’m on summer vacation.

So that’s the plan: frozen cycle in May using a single embryo.  I’m feeling good about it and so is the hubby!



  • Good plan! I hope you’re feeling better after your regroup with your doctor. There are lots of reasons that a single frozen transfer might work. May is just around the corner!

    • Lisa

      Yes, I’m definitely more hopeful for a single FET now that we’ve met with the doctor!

  • Hoping, believing, and trusting God with you that May will be the blessed month! Still praying and thinking of you every day. God is with you, and He is on your side, dear friend! Lots of love and blessings to you.

    • Lisa

      Thanks, Cheryl!

  • Hoping and believing with you! Glad you have a plan xoxo

    • Lisa

      Thanks, Caroline!

  • Kim

    I’m wishing you the best! I hope this is it for you

    • Lisa

      Thanks, Kim!