Infertility Link Up #5

Just a quick note before the link-up today.  Things are pretty hectic as work winds down for the summer (I’m a high school librarian).  I wanted to thank everyone who has participated in the link up the last four weeks.  One of my biggest fears in running a link up was that no one would link up!  I’ve really enjoyed finding some new blogs and I hope you have, too.

Here’s How It Works

  1. Use the blue “Click Here to Enter” link below to share your best infertility-related post from the last week or so. I’ve started things off by linking to my favorite post from this week
  2. Please remove any profanity from the title of your link-up submission.
  3. At the bottom of your post, please link back to my blog so others can find the link-up. You can use the button below, if you wish. A text link is fine, too.
  4. Please visit at least one other blog in the link-up and leave a comment there. This is so important because the goal of a link-up is to generate community!

I’m also looking for people who’d like to co-host this link-up with me! A co-host will also run the link-up on her blog (I’ll provide the instructions on how to do this. Don’t worry- It’s easy). Let me know if you’d like to co-host and I’ll assign you a week.


  • Would love to link up – adding your button now!