31 Days of Prayer During Infertility

prayer during infertility

Welcome to 31 Days of Prayer During Infertility.

Please scroll down to read Day 1: Praying for Patience.

When I decided to do a 31 Day series, I knew I wanted it to be something that would encourage and strengthen other women going through infertility. I thought about what I struggle with and what I could do to ease the burden of this journey- even a little bit.

I realized I needed to do a series on prayer because it’s something I struggle with. My prayers regarding my infertility usually go like this: “Dear God, please give me a baby. Please let this treatment work. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Amen.”

There’s nothing wrong with a prayer like that; those types of prayers have their place. But I want my prayers to be more than a checklist of things I hope God gives me. I want to learn more about who God is and, most importantly, deepen my relationship with Him.

Each post will consist of a Bible verse, a brief meditation on the day’s topic, and some suggested Scriptures for further study.

I hope you’ll join me in seeking God during the next 31 days!

Day 1: Pray for Patience

“This vision is for a future time.  It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.  If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place.  It will not be delayed.” – Habakkuk 2:3 (NLT)

Praying for patience is scary.

By definition, patience assumes a wait. So by asking God for patience we’re surrendering to the wait.

I don’t like waiting.  I want what I want- right now!

But Habakkuk 2:3 tells us that God’s vision for our life will happen on His timetable.

God is not running late. Everything is going according to (His) schedule.

He knows it may feel slow to us, but He promises He’s not delayed.

He asks us to wait patiently. To trust that He what He has planned for us will actually happen.

As you pray today, ask God to help you wait patiently for His plan to be fulfilled.


31 Days of Prayer is available as an a Kindle eBook, a PDF eBook, and as a printed workbook.   All options come with all 31 devotionals plus additional prayer journal pages that are exclusive to the book.   Each journal page includes journaling prompts and more Scripture for further study.  You’ll also receive access to more content that isn’t available on the blog- like booklists, playlists, Scripture memorization cards, and computer wallpaper downloads.  You can purchase the workbook and Kindle book from Amazon, and the printable PDF is available here.


  • Hab 2:3 is one of my favorite verses! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lisa Newton

      Isn’t it great a verse!

  • This is such a great thing – I will be joining you in this 31 days of prayer. Thank you for the download!

    • Lisa Newton

      So glad you’re excited about the series and the download!

  • I think your 31 days of prayer is such an encouraging and brilliant idea. Starting off with a prayer for patience was quite the leap for me! But I believe the absolute best place to start. I will be joining you in your 31 days of prayer. Oh and thank you for the downloadable prayer journal sheets thats really helpful.

    • Lisa Newton

      Thanks for the kind words, Brittny. I’m so glad you like the idea for the series and the download sheets. Looking forward to praying through this journey with you!

  • What a beautiful and encouraging idea and sentiment.

    • Lisa Newton

      Thank you, Melissa!

  • Jessica Hiltz

    Thank you so much for all the time and work! I have been looking forward to your series, and it will be my favorite 31 day series! 🙂 Thanks again!

    • Lisa Newton

      Aw, thanks, Jessica! I’m glad you like the idea for the series!

  • I am so excited about this series, thank you so much for sharing! I have been thinking a lot about patience recently, so this post was perfect. I have never read that verse either so I was extra excited! Looking forward to the next day 🙂

    • Lisa Newton

      Isn’t it a great verse?! So glad you’re excited about the series!

  • What a beautiful way to encourage others through this 31 Day writing challenge. I pray that God brings those who will be blessed abundantly through your prayers.

  • This is beautiful! I have several friends who’ve struggled with infertility. Thank you for sharing your journey! The prayer journal pages are a great idea. 🙂

  • Amanda Calitz

    Thanks for a great topic and all the effort. We are also praying for a baby so I will definitely follow your posts.

  • A series on prayer, especially one which reminds us to be patient, is wonderful.

    On a side note, I wonder if you have ever looked into Dr. Hilgers’ NAPROtechnology with regards to infertility. He is having a lot of success helping couples conceive naturally with the aid of bioidentical hormonal supplementation and sometimes surgery. We teach Natural Family Planning which is a first step in helping couples to understand the fertility cycle and identify some problems and Dr. Hilgers (he is an MD) research is aiding so many couples, but alas not many secular physicians or even mainstream for that matter will consider his work because there is so much money to be made in in-vitro, etc. Anyway, I just thought that I should share that in case you hadn’t heard of it before.

    Peace and blessings as you wait on God’s timing and plan.

  • What a great sentiment. Might I also suggest adding a gratitude journal and writing your experiences everyday? I did 7 years of treatment and IVF twice, being in the present, open, grateful, and calm was the difference for us.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you for sharing your heart and using your words to encourage others. Have a blessed week.

  • What a great idea and so inspirational too! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  • I am very excited for this series and I think starting off with praying for patience is so vital! Thanks for doing this 😉

  • Lisa,

    This verse in Habakkuk was the encouragement that touched my heart today. Your words are not just for those who are struggling to conceive a child, but even for those of us who are struggling to conceive what God has in this moment of the trial and the future. Whatever we struggle with can be taken to the Cross. His vision for our live will be fulfilled and our faith will grow as a result of the trial. I think that 1 Thes 5:23-24 go hand and hand with this verse from Habakkuk.
    Thanks for sharing. Praying for you to know His blessing as you continue to seek Him in this season.

  • What a great idea! So sweet of you to provide a printable. Love it!

  • What a beautiful collection of God’s promises. So many will be blessed by this.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a blessed weekend.

    • Lisa Newton

      Thank you, Jennifer!

  • I have been struggling with believing in God and want desperately to – especially since Mom died. Going to use this – think it will help.

  • I’ve been following your blog this month and I salute you. Well done and please keep on blogging.

    • Lisa Newton

      Thank you, Amanda! I appreciate the kind words.

  • What a beautiful project you have put together! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and heart! I’m stopping by from the SITS Sharefest Saturday and am so glad I did!


  • Let’s Talk Mommy

    Great idea and nice of you to offer people a printable for it. You have been so positive and strong and I think you giving others strength and guidance in the same situation is amazing! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and the continual linky support for 2014! Hope to see you again in the new year. Happy Holidays! #sharewithme

  • Amy

    Thank you so much for this! I have been using it and am purchasing the entire book now. The journal pages are wonderful in focus my prayers on different aspects of my life! This collection has truly been a helpful and motivational way for me to cope with infertility. Thanks again and wonderful job!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Amy. It makes my heart happy to hear that it’s been helpful to you. I really appreciate your support!