IVF Meds Unboxing


I start stims for my 3rd IVF cycle next Monday, and my box of meds arrived today.  I was completely and totally overwhelmed the first time I received meds in the mail, so I decided to do an unboxing video to help those of you who are new to IVF meds feel comfortable with what’s in the box.

Don’t miss the quick cameo from Hemingway in the background at the start of the video!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for future videos!

Looking for helpful tips & hints on surviving IVF?  Check out my post, 10 Practical Ways to Prepare for IVF.  

  • Bind My Wandering Heart

    Praying for you with this next cycle! Thank you so much for hosting the link up. Love this community.

  • Mrs. TTC

    I wanted to wish you luck Lisa on your next cycle. I start stims next week also so I am just a few days behind you. I will be praying for you!

  • Natasha

    This is such a great idea. I wish I had taken more photos and videos of all of the meds from all of our IVF cycles. Good Luck!!!

  • Baby, Are You Coming

    Good luck Lisa!! I start stims on March 6th!! Good to know that Menopur burns! I’m using Puregon instead of Follistim.

  • Molly @ The Modern Belly

    I love the guest appearance by your cat! Good luck on your cycle.

  • Rachel @ positive-peach

    I love the video – and your cats short but important appearance 🙂 hehe. I am not at IVF level…actually, it was recommended to me and I went to the appointment but the list of medications scared the bejebus out of me so I decided to get a second opinion. It stills scares me but I’m starting to realize it’s less scary and things like this get me closer to accepting it as an option!

    • Rachel, I know how it feels to be scared to death of the medications. What I didn’t mention in the video is that when my very first box was delivered last year, I burst into tears because it was so scary. The hardest part is getting past that first shot. After that, it’s not so intimidating. Best wishes to you!

  • Kate Luthner

    good luck and I’ll be sharing this to folks who might need this info. Such a necessary thing, great idea.

  • praying for you sugars! xo

  • LifeBubblesBlog

    Wow! I can see how you were overwhelmed the first cycle! I cannot believe the box is that big. I’m not that far down our ttc road yet (the specialist gave me Letrozole to try until April), but the longer it takes, the more I feel IVF may become a part of our future. Thank you for making this video. It will help a lot of women out-there, I’m sure! May God bless you with your little miracle this time around!

    • Thanks for the kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the video. I pray that Letrozole works for you!

  • Thanks for sharing. We just went back after an 8 month hiatus. Our doc isn’t sending us straight to IVF just yet, he’s trying two IUI cycles first with a boost in drugs hoping it works. And if it doesn’t, IVF.

    • Kim, I pray that your IUI cycles would work and that you’d be able to avoid IVF. Best wishes to you.

  • Excellent information, Lisa! We call Follistim our “Liquid Gold.”

    • HAHA, us too! We accidentally shot some out of the pen before we were ready to inject and I about had a heart attack. It was just a little drop but I knew it was worth like $10!