And Then There Were 8

Last week I posted about the miraculous news we got at our embryo transfer.  A few days later, we got even more good news.  In addition to the two embryos we froze on the day of the transfer, our RE was able to culture out and freeze 6 more!!  That means we have a total of 8 frozen embryos.

We are just astounded at this news.  We waited 8 months between this cycle and our previous cycle, each day believing that we were incapable of producing healthy embryos that made it to 5 days.  We spent 8 months mentally preparing for this cycle to be our last attempt at a genetic child (at least for the foreseeable future).  Eight months hoping for just one to transfer and one to freeze.

And then, suddenly, we have 8.

We have no doubt that all your prayers played a huge part in this.  We know we still have a long way to go, but we feel like we have seen a small miracle in this.  We know this cycle could still fail.  But we also feel tremendous relief knowing that our journey is not yet over if it does.  We have enough for several frozen cycles, and now this opens up the possibility of surrogacy, if we get to that point.  (We had written off surrogacy before because we’d always had such crappy embryos).

Anyways, we feel this is our best shot in our journey so far.  Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming our way.  My first beta is tomorrow, but my RE won’t tell us the results until our second beta on Friday.  Like I said before, I probably will take a few days to post the results, no matter the outcome.

Also, if you have a few moments, please head over to Not Just a Beauty Blogger and give Nikol some love and support.  (You might remember her interview from a few weeks ago).  She was unable to go ahead with her transfer this week after her second IVF cycle.  That’s such a tough thing to experience so please send her prayers and good thoughts.

  • EIGHT!!! I’ve been wondering how many you had to freeze. EIGHT!! What a miracle, and so good for your heart as you wait for the results of this cycle. Praying in hope for you!

  • Amie Price

    This is amazing news!!! Congrats!!

  • Jen Noonan

    Wow! What a fantastic outcome! Congrats!!!

  • Diane Rodriguez

    What a great news! Continuing to pray for you.

  • THIS IS AMAZING! Praise God! I *just* found the notes I took after my retrieval. Eight mature eggs, only TWO fertilized normally – SIX fertilized abnormally…NONE made it to freeze! You’ve got this – I CANNOT WAIT for your positive beta! xoxoxooxox Really, I’m thrilled!

  • yay! Eight! This is such great news! I’m very hopeful for you! xo

  • Praise the Lord!!!!! This is the best news!! I am just ecstatic for you and your husband, Lisa. I know the journey is long ahead of you, but we know Who is going to take every one of those long steps with you! I am so thankful to Him, as I have prayed many a prayer for you. I am expecting to keep hearing GREAT news from you. 🙂

  • JustHeather

    8 frozen embryos is wonderful! I don’t think I ever had more than 3 in one go. May this cycle be what you need so that you have some back up for another try (if you so choose).
    Here from ICLW.

  • Moira (acciobaby!)

    Wahoo!!! 8 is amazing! Praying for all of those little embabies.

  • Mrs. TTC

    That is so amazing!! God bless!!!! We transferred 2 on Tuesday and have 1 left to possibly freeze!

  • WOW 8 that’s amazing! You will have to do a blog post on what your lifestyle, eating, drinking, caring habits were to get such a dramatic jump from your previous history. That’s very encouraging news for all of us. xoxo Congratulations! lot’s of wonderful options.

  • I’m a bit behind on blog reading. This news just gets better and better! Yay!!