Cultivating Faith During Infertility

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faith during infertility

During the weeks leading up to this most recent IVF and our resulting pregnancy, I’ve been working on shifting my default attitude from fear to faith. Today we have our 6 week ultrasound, and I’m terrified of seeing an empty screen with no baby or no heartbeat.

There are many people around me encouraging me to expect good things, not bad things. But it’s so very difficult after three years of only bad news. People much wiser than me have told me that even if the cycle failed or even if I miscarry, I can still look forward to good things from God. I believe that; I really do. It’s just often very hard to put it into practice. I’m realizing that I need to take deliberate, intentional steps to cultivate my faith instead of my fear.

For me, this means cutting back on the amount of time I spend researching possible complications. It means trying not to think about all the horror stories I’ve heard and instead focusing on prayer and Scripture.

Want to dive deeper into cultivating your faith?  I highly recommend Lara Casey’s Write the Word / Cultivate Faith Journal.  It features specially-selected key verses to write out, along with space to write your thoughts, prayers, or whatever is on your heart.

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How do you cultivate faith instead of fear in your own circumstance? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or link up a post in the link-up.

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  • Mrs. TTC

    Wishing you all the luck in the world and a strong, confident heartbeat! Sending up a prayer.

  • Oh, I get this so much. I never stopped being afraid. It was a big deal to let my parents come to our 24 week ultrasound, and there was still a fear in me that it would be tragic. I never fully appreciated the wonder in a heart that beats and keeps beating for an entire lifetime before observing my daughters heartbeat at 7 weeks gestation up until now (and hopefully for years and years to come). I think you have to give yourself grace to be afraid while actively working to cultivate faith.

    However, the fact that you have had 4 more than doubling betas should be really reassuring. At times I clung to my betas more than the good ultrasounds, because it was so reassuring that, from the very beginning, things were going well (my betas from my miscarriage were troublesome from the beginning). I understand how scared you are, and yet I am so excited for you because today you get to see your baby’s heartbeat! I can’t wait to read about it!

  • Amie Price

    I can’t wait to hear how your appointment went!! So excited for you!

  • I love this quote! It is so very true! After my heart breaking let down last month I felt the enemy attacking my hope and faith for this month. Questioning why would I get my hopes up to only be crushed again. If God didn’t give me a baby in the last year and a half what makes me think He ever will?…. but satan is a liar. It has to be a constant intentional choice, but I’m choosing faith!

    Praying for you and that sweet baby inside you <3

  • Monica Hilliard-Gilbreth

    I’ve been trying lately to focus on the promises instead of the problems. Attitude is definitely important during infertility. That’s ‘s for the reminder!

  • JL

    I fear hope. It has been my greatest enemy during infertility. I catch myself anticipating the “how we found out” story or mentally turn my symptoms of PMS into early pregnancy indicators. Now, I quickly tell myself I’m not pregnant before the thoughts manifest into hope. It’s hard. Trying to stay positive and in the moment is something I’m constantly working on.

  • I’m thrilled for you! Praying for your fear today!

  • I have a daily prayer by Joel Olsteen that’s titled “Worry or Worship” it really puts things into perspective when I start letting my mind take over and go down the wrong path. Look to God and put your faith in his power not our worrisome thoughts. xoxo Looking forward to hearing your update.

  • I’ve got friends who went through the challenge of infertility and waiting. I know it’s not easy. And quite impossible to stay in faith when every time, God’s answer is “no” or “not yet”. Some people are even insensitive in not taking this seriously. Making things harder.

    This is a beautiful reminder that keeping our faith, strengthening it is the best way to deal with this. I hope I won’t go through the same difficulty when my time comes, but I’ll surely keep this post in mind if and when it happens.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Lisa

    After years… and miracles…, my daughter was blessed with twin boy babes. Prayers for you.

  • This is a timely post for me. I’ve been trying to be more consistent on doing my daily devotionals. I need to remember to pray more for our situation, too; some days, I just pray for others.