God Will Not Delay

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god will not delay

We bought our house in early 2012, when housing prices in our local area were relatively low.  Since then, prices have skyrocketed and we’ve accrued a significant amount of equity.  We love our house, but it’s tiny (890 square feet) and lacks storage (we don’t have a garage, linen closet, or even medicine cabinets!).  Combine that with several sketchy incidents in our neighborhood and we’ve decided that we would like to move.

The problem is that all the other houses have gone up in value, too.  Our income hasn’t really increased, so we can’t afford to move. We’re stuck!  All we can do is wait and pray for God’s timing and provision.

I love this quote from the book, The Sweet Side of Suffering: Recognizing God’s Best When Facing Life’s Worst.  While we’re not exactly suffering while we wait to move, it IS an exercise in remembering that God is always at work behind the scenes.  We can rest assured that He has a plan for our housing situation.  Maybe we’ll move.  Maybe we’ll stay here for another ten years.  Who knows.  But whatever happens- His plans are good and good for us.

Isn’t this true with infertility, too?  Oh, but it’s a much harder lesson to learn with infertility.  I think that’s why it’s so important to pay attention to other areas where we’re learning this lesson.  When we see God’s faithfulness there, we’re reminded that He’ll do the same with our infertility stories.

In which other areas of your life have you waited on God’s timing?  How was He faithful there?  Feel free to share in the comments below.  

If you’re looking for more encouragement during infertility, be sure to check out my book, 31 Days of Prayer During Infertility.  

  • I surely understand what you mean. Waiting upon the Lord and His perfect timing is one of the hardest things I have ever done. God has taught us many things, in the process, and one thing I have learned is that waiting actually breeds patience. It creates a settling in to a place of contentment. And sometimes THAT is the exact lesson He is trying to teach. Sometimes, when we stop struggling, He sees that we are being still, and THEN He moves things along. I hope you are giving clarity on what to do and when…God is faithful, and He is worthy of our trust!

    • Thank you, Cheryl! I think you’re right about the settling in part. It’s like when you toss and turn and roll around trying to get comfy and fall asleep. Only when you settle in do you sleep.