Baby wanted

Before I got married, my biggest worry was that I’d never find a husband.  Now that I’m married, I’m being forced to confront a new fear: infertility.

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My husband and I have been actively trying to have a baby for 11 months.  I’ll spare you the details, but rest assured we’ve done everything possible to increase our odds of getting pregnant naturally.  In the meantime, I’ve seen a two friends get pregnant relatively quickly (within 3 months) and another two other get pregnant without even trying.  I’m happy for them, of course, but it still hurts.

Today, we took our first step in seeking help and saw the OB/GYN.  We got orders for several tests.  Our health insurance does not cover infertility testing or treatment, so everything will come out-of-pocket.

I’m scared it will take us a long time to get pregnant, even with help.  I’m even more scared we’ll spend all our savings and NOT get pregnant.

This journey is just beginning for us.  I’m hoping this blog will be a cathartic place to share.