Embryo Transfer Update

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Yesterday was our embryo transfer.  Going into it, we didn’t know how many of our 14 fertilized embryos had survived to 5-days.  Due to our history of 3-day transfers and failed implantation, we told ourselves we’d be happy with just one to transfer and we’d be extra-happy with one to freeze.

Well, ladies and gentleman, we hit the jackpot!


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We had one Grade 1, and two Grade 2s!  Additionally, we had 6 embryos that they’re going to culture out a little further to see if they’ll freeze, too.  The RE feels confident that at least a few of those will make it.

Honestly, we were floored.  We’ve never had a Grade 1 embryo before, so we were thrilled about that.  And we were just STUNNED that we had two to freeze and multiple more that we might be able to freeze, too. 

embryo transfer

After some discussion, we decided to transfer the one single Grade 1.  We thought about transferring the Grade 1 and one of the Grade 2s, but the RE said he’s seeing about a 60% multiples rate with patients my age transferring two embryos of that quality.  As tempting as it is to romanticize twins, I know that is a rocky and dangerous road.  My ultimate goal is not a pregnancy; it’s a healthy, full-term baby.  We may have made a different decision if we didn’t have so many to freeze, but we were lucky enough that we didn’t have that pressure.


After the transfer, I went home and sat on the couch most of the day.  My husband got me some Panera tomato soup & mac-n-cheese, and I spent the evening working on the blog and watching Married at First Sight.  Don’t judge me.

Our first beta is on Wednesday.  Our RE doesn’t give us the results until after the second beta, which will be two days later on Friday.  I probably will not blog about the results until a few days after we receive them.  No matter the results, I’ll want some time to process and tell our friends in family in-person or on the phone.

We are so very grateful for all the prayers.  We’ve received dozens of texts, emails, and phone calls in the past few days.  We know of two friends who fasted earlier this week for us, and we know so many people are praying.  We are so grateful.  We ask that you keep up the prayers!