Preparing for IVF Course

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of IVF? You don’t have to feel that way.

Preparing for IVF | approach your IVF with Confidence & Courage |

Hi, I’m Lisa- potato chip lover, former librarian, and infertility survivor.  I’m also the creator of Amateur Nester, a blog that encourages women during infertility.  After two years of trying to conceive on our own and multiple failed IUI attempts, my husband and I began IVF. I’ve been through three fresh cycles and one frozen embryo transfer, so I consider myself an IVF veteran.


I know how scary IVF can be.   While I can’t promise to make it a pleasant experience, I can help you navigate it with a sense of confidence and courage.

our ivf embryos

In this self-paced IVF Prep Course, I’ll share my own IVF stories and tips with you, and encourage you as you go through your own treatment. I’ll help you develop a strategy that will enable you to begin your cycle feeling organized and emotionally and mentally prepared.



Through a combination of text, links, and printable downloads, the course will help you…

  • Deal with the time and energy demands of IVF
  • Practice self-care and stress reduction
  • Organize your time and your medication
  • Connect with your spouse and allow him to feel involved in the IVF process
  • Avoid newbie mistakes and surprises
  • And much more

**Update 2/15/18.  The eCourse is currently closed for enrollment.  I will be releasing an eBook version of the course in early April.  If you’d like to receive a FREE copy of the eBook when it’s released, please fill out this form. **  

**If you previously purchased the course, you can still access it here.  **