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I thought it would be helpful to create a page you can refer to for all your TTC product and information needs.  I’ll add to this page as I discover new products and resources, and I encourage you to bookmark this page so you can easily find it again.

I’ve used and/or read each of the items on this page, and they’ve all helped me navigate my infertility journey.  I hope they can help you, too.

Understanding Infertility

 Spiritual & Emotional Issues

  • 31 Days of Scripture During Infertility:  A follow-up to my other “31 Days” book, this devotional features a month’s worth of longer Scripture passages that were carefully selected to encourage you, challenge you, and get you submerged in God’s Word during infertility.

  • The Infertility Companion: Hope and Help for Couples Facing Infertility:  Sandra Glahn and William Cutrer do a great job of helping Christian readers think through the moral and ethical questions they may not realize they need to ask themselves when considering assisted reproduction.  I don’t necessarily agree with all of their conclusions, but it does provide a helpful introduction.

  • When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden: This second book by Glahn and Cutrer focuses more on the emotional and spiritual aspects of infertility.  It includes questions for couples to consider and thoughts on keeping your faith intact.

  • 1,000 Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.  This is not a book about infertility, but it’s about choosing to find joy and thankfulness in the middle of a messy life.  And infertility is messy!  Written by Ann Voskamp, this has become one of the best-selling Christian books in the past few years and once you read it, you’ll know why.

  • Write the Word Journals.  These gorgeous journals from Lara Casey help you get immersed in Scripture (which is one of the most important things you can do during infertility).  Each one centers around a specific topic and features specially-chosen verses for you to write out.  There’s also room for you to journal your thoughts, prayers, or whatever is on your heart.

Write the Word Bible Journals

 Encouraging Memoirs

  • Birthed: Finding Grace Through Infertility by Elizabeth Hagan. When infertility painfully interrupted Elizabeth Hagan’s plan to start a family, the path of grace offered her another way. Instead of giving birth to a child, she birthed herself instead. Along the way, she learned you can’t control how fast your dreams come true, if they come true at all, but you can find grace for embracing your life in the present tense, grief and all.

Products I Used   

  • Proxeed Plus Male Fertility Supplement.  My husband took this supplement for several months before our successful IVF cycle.  (As always, don’t take any supplement without talking to your doctor first).

  • Pre-Seed & Conceive Plus Fertility-Friendly Personal Lubricants.  We used both of these brands while trying to conceive on our own.

Other Helpful Sites

  • Fertility IQ.  Read reviews of fertility doctors from VERIFIED patients.  I had the privilege of spending a few days with the founders of Fertility IQ in the Fall of 2016, and I can tell you this is an excellent site.  They make sure the reviews are legit, and they care deeply about helping you find the right doctor for you.  Be sure to head over to read reviews or help others out by rating your own doctor!